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Client Service Philosophy

You will find a real commitment from Camp Tax & Wealth Partners, LLC concerning:


We continually strive to remain on the cutting edge of all areas of tax law, from federal income taxes to business payroll taxes. The state-mandated 40 hours of yearly continuing education is only the beginning for us. We make it a priority to immerse ourselves in all of the major current financial journals, blogs and congressional updates.


Having begun our practice here in Lindale over thirty years ago and providing ongoing tax preparation, planning and consultation for several thousand individuals and businesses, we have the experience to provide you with the very best service and advice. Your financial stability, your compliance with complex tax law and your need to pay the very least amount of tax possible, are goals too valuable to entrust to someone who is learning on the job. This is especially true if that person just set up shop in the local discount center or storefront.


While our knowledge and experience easily set us apart from other, less professional tax-preparers, we are happy to say that our fees do not. It is a common experience in our office for someone to bring us a return previously prepared by Block or Hewitt so that we might correct the errors they made. In so doing, it is very common to find the fee paid was very similar to, sometimes even more than, what we would charge. It is also important to keep in mind we offer Free Initial Consultation, Free year-round follow up consultation, and Free notary service to all our clients.


We absolutely love living in Lindale and we believe it to be a very special place. There are few things better than being able to go about town, whether to the grocery store, to church or to the ballgame and be surrounded by good friends, sharing good times. However, your financial situation, business progress and investment activities are not things you probably want to share with all of these wonderful people. For this reason,  it is a preeminent focus of our firm to protect your confidentiality. We are constantly diligent to assure all information is held in the strictest confidence, in fact, we make it a point to never discuss who our clients are, much less anything about their personal circumstances.