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Tax Season 2012

| January 03, 2012

Well, we are beginning our 32nd tax season here in Lindale - we'll call that great experience and not old age.Our tax season hours will begin on Monday, January 16. We will be open from 8-5 Monday through Friday and Saturday, 9-noon. We will also be happy to meet at other times by appointment. If you are new to us or to the area, we prepare basic returns for $125, including year-round consultation and planning. We also will review any prior year returns, whether self-prepared or attempted by some other paid preparer. It is not unusual at all for us to discover missed opportunities. After, 32 years, we also have the experience, knowledge and commitment to handle just about any tax situation, regardless of how complicated or how complex the entity might be. We prepare all sorts of business and trust returns, estate tax returns and handle all payroll matters. Please give us a call or stop by. We really look forward to assisting you in all matters of taxation, business, management and investing.